O&O AutoBackup Crack Full Activated 2024

AutoBackup Professional 6.1 build 135 Crack Full Version

O&O Autobackup Professional Crack

O&O AutoBackup Professional Crack is a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Windows computers. It protects files, folders, drives, and SQL databases with flexible backup plans. The software supports full, incremental, and differential image-based backups to local drives and network storage. Backups can also be transferred to external drives. It securely encrypts and compresses backups for efficient storage.

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Backup Files and Folders Quickly

Powerful file filters and schedule options enable customized automatic backups. Files can be excluded based on name, type, size, age, and other attributes. Backup frequency can range from continuous real-time protection to daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time only. O&O AutoBackup Professional can continuously monitor file changes using advanced ChangeDetect technology. This allows quick identification of missing or corrupted files for recovery. A feature called Machine machine-independent restoration simplifies migration to new hardware or virtual environments.

Various recovery options retrieve previous file versions and recreate system states. An intuitive recovery environment makes it easy to restore files, folders, drives, and SQL databases. The technician-oriented O&O BlueCon enables recovery support via remote connections. Built-in disk imaging clones drives while preserving all data. Drive images serve as full system backups for bare metal recovery. The software also checks drive health using S.M.A.R.T. analysis.

O&O Autobackup Professional Crack

O&O AutoBackup Professional License Key

Backup rules support retention policies to manage backup versions. Older backups get automatically replaced by newer versions based on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly schedules. Built-in wizards guide users through backup, recovery, and migration procedures. These simplify the configuration process for beginners through advanced IT professionals. Intuitive design and clear tutorials help further.

O&O AutoBackup Server Edition extends protection across Windows networks. It manages backups for multiple computers from a central administrator machine. This allows centralized backup planning, reporting, and recovery control. Technicians can perform remote recovery thanks to O&O BlueCon. This module enables complete control over a computer that fails to boot normally. O&O BlueCon grants full access without requiring local interaction

O&O Autobackup Professional Crack

What is the Working Process of AutoBackup Professional?

  1. When you first open the program, it will guide you through choosing what folders or files you want to regularly back up.
  2. You can select documents, photos, emails, and other important data.
  3. Based on your selections, AutoBackup will create automated “jobs” that will back up your chosen files on a schedule you set. For example, you can set it to backup your Documents folder to an external hard drive every day at midnight.
  4. At the scheduled times, AutoBackup will automatically copy the latest version of your folders/files to the specified storage location, like an external hard drive or cloud storage.
  5. AutoBackup saves multiple versions of your backups over time, in case you ever need to restore an older copy of a file. The oldest backups are eventually deleted automatically.
  6. If you ever lose your original files or need an older version, you can use its restore features to retrieve files from any previous backup version. This lets you easily recover from data loss.
  7. The software provides reports so you can easily see details about past backups: what was backed up and when, if any errors occurred, file size, and more. So you can confirm your data is being successfully protected.


  • O&O AutoBackup Professional contains a robust selection of data protection features for both home and business users
  • It handles everyday file backup tasks while also facilitating advanced system migration and recovery functions
  • Continuous data protection with Change Detect technology tracks real-time changes to files
  • As soon as a file is changed, replaced, or deleted, the updated content gets backed up
  • This ensures no data loss between scheduled backups
  • Power and network failure safeguards prevent backup interruptions
  • The program resumes unfinished backups when systems restart
  • Laptop users also benefit from battery-friendly backup options

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: How does O&O AutoBackup handle open/locked files during backup?

Ans: O&O VSS Provider takes Volume Shadow Copies using Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service. This cleanly backs up open and in-use files.

Q: Does O&O AutoBackup Professional support Windows server platforms?

Ans: Yes, Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/SBS are all fully supported. Unique server backup needs like Active Directory, Exchange, and SQL are covered.

Q: What backup destinations does the software support?

Ans: Backups can be saved locally, on network shares, external USB drives, NAS devices, and some cloud services.

What’s New

  • Instant Virtual Machine recovery now creates bootable VM images from physical system backups
  • It supports common formats like VHDX and VMDK for migration to Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi
  • A new Citrix Workspace app provides simplified integration with Citrix virtualization infrastructure
  • Backups integrate natively within Citrix-hosted desktop and app environments
  • The latest edition also adds native application protection for Microsoft OneDrive files
  • It automatically backs up both cloud and desktop versions of OneDrive data based on configured backup jobs
  • Underlying execution engine improvements accelerate backup and recovery jobs
  • Operations complete faster thanks to enhanced multi-threading, disk access efficiency, and scale use of server resources
  • Expanded operating system support now covers Windows 11 across client and server platforms
  • O&O AutoBackup is fully compatible with Microsoft’s newest OS from launch onwards

How to Download and Install

  1. Visit the website legendtip.org and click on the “Crack Download” button
  2. Download the O&O AutoBackup Professional
  3. Double-click the installer executable and work through the setup wizard prompts
  4. Click next to confirm options and proceed with standard installations
  5. Provide your license activation code on the prompted registration screen Finalize activation to unlock the full product
  6. Consult the admin guide PDF and built-in wizards to set up backup jobs, schedules, filters, and preferred operation settings
  7. Initiate manual test backups and observe jobs completing
  8. Tweak filters or settings if needed
  9. Password: www.legendtip.org


O&O AutoBackup Professional furnishes commercial to enterprise Windows users with an exceptional blended backup toolkit. Its intuitive design masterfully conceals professional-grade data protection mechanisms securing systems against disaster. Customizable backup automation gives peace of mind alongside granular recovery controls to retrieve lost or corrupted data. For Windows platforms, this software provides an unparalleled insurance policy keeping digital assets safe now and for years ahead.

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