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Duplicate Cleaner Pro 5.21.2 Crack Download

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Crack

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Crack is a powerful program that helps you find and remove duplicate files from your computer or external drives. It scans your system and compares file signatures to identify exact file copies taking up valuable hard drive space. The software supports images, music, video, documents, and other file types. With an easy-to-use interface, Duplicate Cleaner Pro lets you quickly review scan results and select duplicates to move to the recycle bin. The tool provides flexible filtering and search options to locate duplicate files precisely.

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro License Key Full Version

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a duplicate file finder and removal tool for Windows. Its new version which has been indevelopment for over three years features an all-new flat and modern-looking interface. Once the software is installed the home page tab allows you to start a new search and here you are given the option to search in regular image audio or video mode once you have set your desired search. Click on the scan location tab and by using the file browser select the drive or folder you wish to scan and then click the arrow to add it to the list on the start scan tab. Click the large start scan button and the software returns the results in a surprisingly quick time.

The new scan results section has been vastly improved with visual representations of the breakdown of found duplicate files. On the duplicate files tab you can use the selection assistant which gives you the option to mark by groups or by text pattern. Once you are happy with your selection. Click on the trash icon tab and then click on the delete files button and that’s it. In a matter of seconds your duplicate files are deleted and your hard drive is a little less cluttered. Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a vastly improved application from its previous incarnation.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Crack

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Full Crack With License Key Free Download

The changes have made it easier to use for someone with basic pc knowledge but where Duplicate Cleaner Serial Key stands out from its competitors is the wealth of search options and features available in the program. Certainly more than enough to keep any die-hard pc user happy. Duplicate Cleaner Pro delivers fast, efficient duplicate detection using smart algorithms. It can find even obscured file copies other utilities may miss. The lightweight program runs quick scans that won’t slow your PC. It serves up actionable results minus the complex analytical data other duplicate finders generate.

The duplicate cleaner locates and deletes redundant files of all major formats including Outlook emails. It wipes duplicate pictures, music, video, documents, archives, spreadsheets plus other file types. You can run a Quick scan to rapidly find obvious dupes or a Deep scan for more rigorous duplicate detection using CRC checksums and other identifier matching. The tool also features user-defined scans.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Crack

How Can You Run After Installation?

  1. Open the Duplicate Cleaner Pro program. Look for its icon on your desktop or in your apps/programs list and double-click to launch it.
  2. When Duplicate Cleaner Pro opens, it will scan your computer for duplicate files. Let it complete the scan, which could take a few minutes.
  3. Once the scan finishes, you will see a list of all the duplicate files found on your computer. Duplicate Cleaner groups the duplicates together to make them easier to identify.
  4. Go through the list and select the duplicate files you want to delete. If you’re unsure, you can use the preview feature to view the file contents.
  5. Click the “Delete” button to send the selected duplicate files to the recycle bin.
  6. You can choose to do another scan to find more duplicates. Or click the settings icon to customize what types of files Duplicate Cleaner Pro scans for.


  • Duplicate Cleaner Pro scans all hard drives and external storage devices connected to your PC for duplicate files
  • Review scan results and select duplicates to remove without deleting originals
  • The program makes it easy to verify files before sending to recycle bin
  • Customize scan results with flexible hide, reveal, and quick search options plus additional filters to isolate duplicate file types, dates, etc
  • Refine results precisely
  • You can scan specific drives or folders or your entire system
  • Advanced settings allow tweaking scan sensitivity for more accurate results

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does Duplicate Cleaner Pro work on both Windows and Mac?

Ans: No, it only works on Windows operating systems including Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It does not have a Mac version.

Q: What file types does the duplicate finder locate?

Ans: It locates duplicate files of all major formats including photos, music files, video clips, documents, email files, spreadsheets, presentations, archives, and more.

Q: Does Duplicate Cleaner Pro delete files without confirmation?

Ans: No, the program will not remove any duplicates without explicit user direction. It shows you all suspected duplicates and lets you preview files plus select those to delete for full control.

What’s New
  • Its latest version introduces significant updates and capabilities making intelligent duplicate detection even more powerful
  • The next-gen scanning algorithms deliver up to 3x faster duplicate searches with more precise results
  • It also provides flexible file exclusion options
  • An updated UI makes reviewing results easier with better previews, sorting and filtering to pinpoint file copies
  • One-click selection sends duplicates to the recycle bin
  • New smart filters give better control over scan results to target duplicate files types more efficiently
  • Filter by size, date, format, name similarities and other attributes
  • Customize aspects like scan sensitivity, file exclusions, result thresholds and other preferences for customized duplicate detection to best suit your needs
  • Comprehensive logging tracks scanning activity and duplicate deletion details including time, date stamps and locations for full transparency
  • Easily export reports

How to Download & Install?

  1. Click on the “ Crack Download” button
  2. Save the small installer file dupcleanpro_latest.exe to your Windows Desktop or Downloads folder
  3. Locate and double-click the installer file dupcleanpro_latest.exe to launch it when ready to begin the installation
  4. User Account Control may prompt to allow program changes
  5. Click Yes to permit
  6. This initial installer will download the latest program files and launch the Duplicate Cleaner Crack
  7. Once installed, Duplicate Cleaner Pro Crack will automatically launch
  8. Enter the key when prompted then click Activate
  9. Your Duplicate Cleaner Pro will confirm activation and you’re all set!
  10. You can now access from the desktop shortcut icon created and scan for duplicates immediately


In summary, Duplicate Cleaner Pro makes it fast and easy to reclaim wasted hard drive space by locating redundant files. It serves up actionable results that make wiping actual duplicates safe and simple. Key highlights include strong duplicate detection, flexible scan options, easy previewing of results, robust filtering plus reporting that simplifies the entire duplicate deletion process start to finish. Duplicate Cleaner Pro delivers scanning speed and smarts that handily outperforms native Windows tools. If you struggle with storage space headaches or sorting real file copies from false positives, Duplicate Cleaner Pro provides the precision, control and efficiency to ably handle the job. Its effectiveness paired with set-it-and-forget-it usability makes Duplicate Cleaner Pro a top choice for reclaiming hard drive space by erasing file clones quickly and securely.

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