Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery 10.5.22 Crack [Full Activated-2024]

Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery Crack Free Download

Fonelab Crack

Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery Crack is a software designed to recover lost or deleted data from iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. With an easy-to-use interface and advanced scanning algorithms, it can retrieve photos, messages, contacts, notes, call logs, and more that may have been accidentally deleted or lost due to software issues, device damage, or other problems. Fonelab iPhone data recovery allows users to get back various data directly from iOS devices or iTunes and iCloud backups. It supports nearly all current and older iPhone models running iOS versions from iOS 4 up to the latest iOS 16.

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The software provides users with two options for recovering lost iPhone data. First, users can scan their iPhone or iPad directly by connecting it to a computer via USB. Fonelab will then scan the device and allow users to preview found data before choosing what to recover. This method does not require restoring from a backup and allows users to access lost data even from newer iOS versions. Category-based searching and filtering takes the millions of scanned data pieces found and lets users pinpoint just the message threads, photos, contacts, or other data they want to recover. Instead of combing through everything aimlessly, target data types are shown in clear previews for selective restoration. For speed and when data types are unknown, an all-data recovery option exists too.

Second, users have the option to download and scan iTunes or iCloud backups made from their iPhone or iPad previously. This provides recovery access to users who have experienced data loss but have an older backup available of that lost information. Fonelab supports iTunes backups made with all versions of iOS devices and is also fully compatible with downloading and scanning iCloud backups without device connecting needed.

Fonelab Crack


Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery Crack

A key benefit of Fonelab Cracked is its advanced scanning technology that goes deeper than typical iOS data recovery software programs. Through a process optimized over a decade with a sole focus on iOS devices, Fonelab can extract maximum information from even damaged or unstable iOS device file systems and backups. This allows greater chances for users managing tricky data loss situations on an iPhone or iPad to still successfully recover missing information.

The recovery process itself is straightforward for Fonelab users of any experience level with iOS devices or data recovery. After choosing a device scan or a backup scan, users can pinpoint specific file types they want to recover before starting the search. A clear scan interface shows found data and continue searching deeper as you preview. Select what you want to restore, choosing from categories like messages, contacts, notes, photos, etc. Then export the recovered iPhone and iPad data to your computer or directly to another iOS device.

Fonelab Crack

How Can You Run After Installation?

  1. Open the Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery program on your computer.
  2. You can find it by clicking the start menu and looking for “Fonelab” or searching your computer.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable that came with your phone. This will allow the program to scan and access the data on your iPhone.
  4. If prompted, unlock your iPhone and tap “Trust” on the popup to allow connection. This allows the program full access to recover data.
  5. Click the “Start” button to begin scanning your iPhone.
  6. Let it scan fully to find all available lost data.
  7. Once the scan finishes, you will see a list of different data types like Messages, Contacts, and Photos that can be recovered. Click the boxes next to the data you want to restore.
  8. Select where on your computer you want to save the recovered iPhone data.
  9. Then click the “Recover” button.
  10. Let the program finish recovering and saving your selected lost iPhone data. When completed, you can access it on your computer.
  11. Safely disconnect your iPhone once data recovery is finished.


  • A top feature is the direct iOS device data scanning using advanced algorithms that dig incredibly deep into unstable or damaged iPhone and iPad storage
  • Where other software may perform a more basic scan with mixed results, Fonelab can maximize the possibility of retrieving data thought lost from iOS devices in poor condition
  • For those that prefer to scan and extract iPhone and iPad data from backups versus direct device scans, it has users covered there as well
  • It fully supports iTunes backups for iOS devices
  • This includes all backup compression methods iTunes uses automatically for managing space on the user’s computer
  • Additionally, Fonelab users can download and scan iCloud backups without needing the iOS device itself to recover data from these backups remotely
  • Wrap all this into an interface built exclusively for iOS device data recovery over years of development and refinement
  • The Fonelab process guides users through device or backup selection, customized scanning, clear data previews for selective restore, and export of recovered iOS data to computer or device

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does Fonelab recover data directly from my iOS device?

Ans: Yes, users can scan an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly after connecting to a computer via a USB cable. Data lost due to accidental deletion, device damage or software issues can often still be recovered by its advanced scanning algorithms.

Q: Can I recover data from an iTunes or iCloud backup?

Ans: Fonelab fully supports scanning and extracting data from iTunes device backups from iOS 4 through the latest iOS versions. It also allows iCloud backup downloading and data restoration remotely with no need to connect the associated iOS device.

Q: What types of data does Fonelab recover?

Ans: Fonelab can restore numerous data types including messages (iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.), contacts, call logs, notes, photos, calendar events, app data, and more.

What’s New
  • The Fonelab development keeps pursuing easier, faster, and more capable iOS data recovery with every software update
  • Most recently, it added extended support for iOS 17 and new iPhone 16 models
  • Data recovery processing from iOS 17 devices is optimized plus users can directly recover data lost after updating to iOS 17, whether by scan or backup.
  • Another major gain is enhanced stability for handling iOS devices in conditions like being stuck on the Apple logo, restart looping, black/blue screen of death, screen unresponsive, cannot power on, etc.
  • Fonelab has greater reliability in getting data off iOS devices even if they are having major stability problems or system crashes during the recovery process
  • Improved filtering for the scanning phase better isolates target data types users want to restore while excluding junk or other file clutter
  • Refined algorithms dig up more relevant data from less scanning time
  • The same smart filtering applies when exporting data to only transfer the restored files needed
  • Users also now have smoother connectivity getting iOS devices into recovery mode for scanning when they are being stubborn to connect properly
  • Improved user guides aid the entire process of getting the iPhone or iPad to communicate with the computer to start the Fonelab recovery

How to Download and Install?

  1. First of all, click on the “Download Crack” menu top of the site
  2. Select your operating system between Windows and Mac to begin downloading the Fonelab installation file.
  3. The download should only take a few minutes, When complete, open the downloaded .exe file for Windows machines or the .dmg file for Macs.
  4. The installation wizard will launch to set up Fonelab Crack.
  5. Keep clicking Next and accept any permission or access requests until reaching the Finish button.
  6. After full installation, open the program from your computer’s applications menu
  7. You will see the start screen outlining device connections needed to scan an iPhone or iPad directly or allow backup selection for iTunes and iCloud data recovery workflows
  8. If scanning a connected iOS device, use the device’s original charging cable to link it to your computer.
  9. Fonelab will automatically detect it and prompt any steps like putting the iPhone or iPad into recovery mode for scanning
  10. Password:

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Losing personal data like photos or contacts from an iPhone or iPad can certainly be stressful. However, advanced yet easy-to-use software programs like Fonelab Crack provide tremendous capability for getting back lost iOS device information or recovering data from backups when direct device scanning is not an option. With Fonelab, maximize your chances of retrieving lost iPhone and iPad data due to just about any common data loss situation encountered.

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