JixiPix Hand Tint Pro 1.0.23 Crack Full Activated

JixiPix Hand Tint Pro Crack Full Version Download

JixiPix Hand Tint Pro Crack

JixiPix Hand Tint Pro Crack is a powerful and creative software that transforms your photos into beautiful and timeless hand-painted masterpieces. With this app, you can add a soft, dreamy touch to your images, lending them an antique and nostalgic feel. It provides various tools and features to help you achieve the perfect hand-tinted look. It starts by stripping the color from your photo and transforming it into a classic black and white, a luminescent dream, or an aged vintage photo, which serves as the base for your hand-tinting process.

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Hand Painted Photography by Professional Tint

One of the critical features of Hand Tint Pro is its layering system, which allows you to organize and control your painting process. You can create layers for tinting, toning, coloring, multiplying, soft painting, or regular painting and change the mode for each layer to achieve the desired effect. Additionally, the software provides a powerful selective color tool that helps you define areas for accurate brushing, ensuring that your colors stay where you want them. The app comes with a wide range of color palettes, including those designed specifically for seasons, hair color, eye color, skin tones, and romantic palettes for dreamy gardens and seascapes. You can also choose from various paper surface textures and add aged and worn paper effects to your images, enhancing their vintage appeal.

Hand Tint Pro also includes several preset options that allow you to create background effects, as well as presets with layer styles and brush colors already in place. This makes it easier for you to learn and understand the layering process. One of the standout features of this software is its ability to save your hand-tint projects externally, allowing you to share your work with co-workers and friends while keeping all layers and brush colors intact. This tool also includes a Photoshop plugin, which allows you to access Hand Tint Pro directly from within Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and other compatible software. This plugin supports actions, transparency, blending, batch processing, and various color modes, making it a powerful tool for professional photographers and artists.

JixiPix Hand Tint Pro Crack

Download and Install Photo Tinting App

JixiPix Hand Tint Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a unique and artistic touch to their photos. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and vast customization options, this software empowers you to create truly stunning and timeless hand-painted masterpieces. It is a powerful photo editing tool. It lets you colorize black-and-white images easily. This process, called hand tinting, adds vibrant colors to photos. The software offers precise tools for color application. You can selectively colorize specific areas of an image. Or, you can apply colors to the entire photo.

Hand Tint Pro has a user-friendly interface. It provides numerous customization options. These let you achieve desired looks effortlessly. The software analyzes image content using advanced algorithms. It suggests accurate colors for different areas. However, you can manually adjust colors too. Hand Tint Pro supports popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. You can import photos from various sources. It’s available for Windows and macOS. The software integrates seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This makes it valuable for any photographer’s toolkit

JixiPix Hand Tint Pro Crack

How to Run After Installation

  1. Launch Hand Tint Pro after installing it. The main interface will appear.
  2. Click “Open Image” to import a photo. Or drag and drop the file. The photo will load in the workspace. Next, choose your colourization method from the toolbar. Try tools like “Color Brush” or “Color Mask.”
  3. Use sliders and pickers to adjust hue, saturation, etc. Zoom in/out and pan the view—preview changes in real time.
  4. When done, click “Save” to export the colourized photo. Choose output settings like format and resolution.

Features of Pro Tinting

  • Intelligent color suggestions based on image analysis
  • Selective colorization with brushes and masking
  • Advanced color editing controls
  • Non-destructive editing to keep original data
  • Batch processing for bulk colorization
  • Photoshop/Lightroom plugin for seamless workflow
  • Built-in photo library for easy organization
  • Customizable workspace with dockable panels
  • History browser to undo/redo steps
  • Extensive online guides and video tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What image formats does it support?

Ans: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and various RAW formats.

Q: Can I selectively colorize specific areas?

Ans: Yes, I am using selection and masking tools.

Q: What are the system requirements?

Ans: Windows: 64-bit OS, 4GB RAM, GPU with 2GB VRAM.

macOS: 64-bit OS, 8GB RAM, Metal-compatible GPU.

What’s New

  • Improved performance and stability
  • New neural filters for realistic effects
  • Enhanced UI with dark mode
  • Support for latest camera RAW formats
  • Expanded brush engine with more options
  • Automatic color palettes based on decade
  • Integrated online learning resources
  • Sketch recognition for colorizing line art

How to Download and Install?

  1. First of all click on “Download” button
  2. The setup wizard will guide the installation process
  3. Follow any provided instructions carefully
  4. After installation, launch Hand Tint Pro Crack from your desktop
  5. The software will open, ready to use
  6. Password: www.legendtip.org

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Hand Tint Pro Crack is an exceptional photo colorization tool. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it accessible to all. Whether professional or hobbyist, this software can breathe life into your black-and-white images. You can effortlessly achieve stunning, vibrant results with advanced algorithms and editing options.

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