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Kindle DRM Removal Crack Free Download

Kindle DRM Removal Crack

Kindle DRM Removal Crack is software that allows you to remove Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection from Kindle ebooks. This allows you to convert your Kindle books into open formats like EPUB and PDF. Removing DRM gives you more control and flexibility with how you read your ebooks across multiple devices.

Remove DRM From Kindle Books

First, you must download and install the Kindle DRM removal software on your computer. Make sure to get the software from a legitimate source, as some sites may distribute malware. Once installed, adding Kindle books is very straightforward. You simply drag and drop the Kindle book file onto the software interface. The books are automatically detected and queued up for DRM removal.

Kindle devices and Kindle ebooks use DRM (digital rights management) to protect the Kindle content from unauthorized use. This DRM prevents users from downloading and converting Kindle books freely. To remove DRM from Kindle ebooks (Kindle DRM removal), you need to use a dedicated software or plugin. The process of stripping DRM is quick, typically only taking a few seconds per book. The complexity comes from understanding the initial setup, and registration, and figuring out which output format you want. Recent versions of Kindle DRM removal tools have simplified this process considerably to just clicking a button.

Kindle DRM Removal Crack

Kindle DRM Removal Plugin Download

Caliber is a free and open-source ebook library management software that supports Kindle. Installing a DRM removal plugin in Calibre allows you to quickly and easily remove DRM from Kindle books downloaded to your Kindle or Kindle app and convert Kindle ebooks to other formats like EPUB. This allows you to read Kindle ebooks on other devices without DRM restrictions. There are a few methods to remove Kindle DRM with Calibre – Using Epubor Ultimate converter that removes Kindle DRM quickly and easily; Downgrading the Kindle for PC app to an older version that does not support the latest Kindle DRM scheme and lets Calibre decrypt ebooks downloaded via this older Kindle for PC; or Using unofficial plugins to remove DRM from the latest Kindle KFX ebooks.

Once you remove Kindle DRM with Calibre, the ebook DRM protection is stripped and you can convert Kindle books to access freely on devices like iPad, Nook, Kobo, etc. Some ebook formats may need an additional Epubor converter download to output EPUB, PDF, etc. For Kindle serial numbers needed in some methods, fetch them from My Account on the Amazon website. Overall, stripping DRM from Kindle ebooks requires just an easy Calibre download and install plus a DRM removal plugin to decrypt Kindle books including the latest KFX format.

Kindle DRM Removal Crack

What is the Working Process of Kindle Ebook?

  1. First, download an older version of the Kindle app for your computer (Kindle for PC/Mac), rather than the latest version which uses more restrictive DRM.
  2. Install the older Kindle app on your computer.
  3. Download the Kindle book(s) you want to remove DRM from by right-clicking and saving.
  4. Next, install a program called Calibre to remove the DRM.
  5. Download and install the DeDRM plugin and also a KFX input plugin if needed.
  6. Add your Kindle book to Calibre.
  7. During the import process, the DeDRM plugin will automatically remove the DRM protection.
  8. Convert the book to the desired format.

On Linux, the process may not work automatically. You likely need to manually retrieve the encryption keys in the Kindle app to allow DeDRM to remove protections. Do this by installing Calibre+plugins in Wine, opening the Kindle app in Wine to grab keys, export keys and import into native Linux Calibre install. Now books should be imported without DRM. Once set up, you can import and strip DRM from any number of Kindle books with this calibrated method. You then fully own the books to use as desired.


  • Remove Kindle DRM automatically
  • The software can strip Kindle DRM quickly with no technical expertise needed. Books are added by drag and drop
  • DRM removal requires just one click after books are loaded
  • You can convert your Kindle books to popular formats like EPUB, PDF, MOBI, AZW3, PRC, HTMLZ, and more
  • This level of flexibility is useful for reading ebooks across many devices
  • It will extract and retain all metadata, bookmarks, highlights, annotations, covers, authors, and contents accurately when removing DRM, compressing or converting format
  • Your books will be unmodified except for stripping of DRM
  • The tool has native apps for both Windows and Mac operating systems. So Kindle users can remove DRM easily on either platform. Some tools also have Linux and mobile apps
  • You can add hundreds or even thousands of Kindle books easily to strip DRM from your entire library

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does removing Kindle DRM affect quality?

Ans: No, stripping DRM does not degrade or modify the actual contents of your Kindle books, including text, image tables, or any metadata. Only the DRM control is removed, your books will remain 100% intact.

Q: What can I do with Kindle books after removing DRM?

Ans: You’ll have lots of flexibility after converting your Kindle books to open formats like EPUB and PDF. You can read them on other non-Kindle devices, print them, share them legally, archive them for long-term storage, convert them to audiobooks, and more.

Q: Does the software only work for Kindle books purchased on Amazon?

Ans: No, it can remove DRM from any Kindle format publication, whether purchased from Amazon, download free, or even self-published. As long as Kindle DRM supports the ebook, the software can efficiently strip it.

What’s New

  • Recent versions process books up to 20 times faster when removing DRM, adding books, detecting metadata, compressing files, and outputting final formats
  • Books are handled in parallel for quicker results
  • Adding Kindle books is easier with more responsive and smoother drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Books auto-load fast after dropping instead of manual scanning
  • You can now select, delete, rename, and search books with simple right-click menus instead of complex lists
  • Organization of your book library is simplified
  • The software now extracts even more Kindle book metadata and preserves it during format conversion
  • More Asian and European language fonts were added for PDF output
  • Interfaces were redesigned to be cleaner and easier to navigate between different functions like adding books, DRM removal settings, file management, output formats, and saving files
  • Important options are clearer to users

How to Download and Install?

  1. Downloading and installing Kindle DRM removal software takes just a few minutes:
  2. Go to and click on the “Download Crack” button
  3. Under the Downloads tab, choose the right version for your Windows or Mac OS.
  4. Open/unzip the setup file and click yes on any admin permission popups during install.
  5. Follow the setup wizard directions. Make sure you install all component apps selected by default.
  6. At the end, the Kindle DRM removal app will automatically launch. If not, search for it and open it.


I hope this overview gives you a better understanding of how Kindle DRM removal tools work and how they can benefit you. Removing frustrating DRM and format restrictions can greatly improve your ebook reading experience. It unlocks flexibility in how and where you access your Kindle library. If you read a lot of ebooks, a good DRM removal app is worth looking into.

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