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StartAllBack Crack Windows 11

StartAllBack Crack

As the era of Windows 11 is going on, it has many new features unimaginable in the past. Since this window is now available, it is difficult for many people to run it because they have been running older versions of Windows before. But the psychology of man is that he wants new things but not to have to work hard to learn them. In this era, no work is difficult anymore, so any difficult work can be made easy, and even those things that man once thought could not be possible can be done. So, we make this problem easy for you; StartAllBack Crack is the best choice to restore and improve the classic theme to Windows 11 or Windows 10.

StartAllback Crack With License Key Free Download

Now see, if you have been using a window for a long time, it is obvious that you know everything about it, which option is where, so it is easy to use. If you are excited to use Windows 11, obviously, when something new comes out, you are curious to use it, but you also want to keep the look and feel of the Windows you are using. Then resort to the Startallback License Key because it can adjust the old theme and will not change the appearance. This tool is specially designed to restore the classic layout. Now if we talk about the taskbar, it contains the applications you want to open quickly. StartAllback License Key Free gives an old look to the taskbar so that users can pin their favorite applications. It shows labels on task icons. You can also adjust icon size.

This software allows the restoration of Windows context menus and File Explorer. This will have the advantage of easily creating custom shortcuts you want to open. When Windows updates, the Start menu also makes changes, so these changes can be made as needyour User can modify the taskbar by pinning custom icons to it, adjusting their size, changing their colour and dividing the taskbar into different sections. This thing shows that this tool can adjust icon size and margins. Even Startallback allows the restoration of the command bar, bottom of windows and old search box. You can change the start menu styles and move the start button to the left or right. You can change the complete UI of Windows. Hence users can get the classic UI of any operating system.

StartAllBack Crack

StartAllback Windows 11 Crack

Startallback Windows 11 Crack offers all-new rounded acrylic menus with new fonts and reactive taskbar menus. This application can navigate dropdown menus with a single click, and you can enjoy a reliable search. For your information, you can enjoy the taskbar and start menu of Windows 7 and 10 while using Windows 11. It fixes the color scheme and UI in all Windows apps. So, it is helpful for those who want to work in a familiar environment. Along with all these functions, the StartAllback Serial Key also provides the facility to restore them if you have many programs running and your computer shuts down suddenly. Startisback unsweep classic UI to enjoy Windows 7 and 10.

This versatile tool can recover different elements from the previous version using the current version of Windows. In short, it permits the recovery of all those things that Microsoft has removed. So, you can improve t, your computer’s taskbar and show the different labels on task icons. StartAllback restores and improves taskbar. Finally, we have described the complete details of startAllback Crack. Now you can download it from our website. If you have any queries, you can contact us.

StartAllBack Crack

What is the Working Process of StartAllBack Crack?

After installation, we get this window which gives us customization options

  1. Let’s take a look at start menu
  2. Options here we can choose whether we want large or small icons for all programs We can also display flyout menus like in windows XP style
  3. We can override sort order highlight newly installed programs
  4. Whether we want to search public folders we can also choose to display the user account picture and display shortcuts
  5. You can also add custom folders
  6. So let me just for example just create a new simple folder on my desktop i’ll just call it stuff and i’ll go ahead and add that folder say select folder we’ll hit ok and now we have stuff here
  7. We open it click it it opens that folder so that’s pretty
  8. Now i can customize how the taskbar looks you can use the default plane 8 which makes it look like the windows 8 taskbar and the windows 7.
  9. You can also change the icon size with these so if you want larger icons or extra large icons, just click on icon button and select the size
  10. We can also set the margins on these icons
  11. Choose the button and if you don’t like any of these buttons you can also choose to customize by adding a custom png image
  12. We can also choose to customize the taskbar further by centering the taskbar or changing it back to the left side making it transparent and dividing the taskbar into segments
  13. You also have quick links to opening the taskbar settings and the notification area icons
  14. We have a windows 10 and Windows 7 style explorer and here you can choose whether you want the mic effect on the top
  15. Similarly, many things can be adjusted


  • Adjust the labels on the taskbar and icon size
  • You can move the taskbar on any side of the screen
  • Allow to drag and drop any icon or create a shortcut
  • Move the Start button on the left or right side
  • Offer old search box
  • Give fast taskbar menus
  • Unique tool that increases user experience

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. What are the uses of StartAllBack?

Ans: This application is used to modify the taskbar, start menu and file explorer of Windows 11.

Q. Is StartAllBack paid or free?

Ans: Here we are providing free of cost this tool. You don’t need to pay money, only download software from our website and enjoy it.

Q. Is StartAllBack safe to use?

Ans: Yes this program is safe to use and does not leak your security.

What’s New?


  • Shows labels on taskbar icons
  • Adjusts icon size and margins
  • Allows moving the taskbar to any screen edge
  • Adds drag and drop functionality
  • Centers icons while keeping Start button on the left
  • Adds dynamic translucency effects
  • Separates corner icons in Windows 7/10 style

File Explorer & Control Panel

  • Revamps ribbon and command bars with translucent effects
  • Adds a details pane on the bottom
  • Restores the old search box

Context Menus

  •  New rounded acrylic look
  • Faster and more responsive
  • New fonts and improved touch support

Start Menu

  • One-click access to apps and system places
  • Improved dropdown menu navigation
  • Fast and reliable search
  • Lightweight styling and UI consistency

Other Improvements

  • Windows 7, 10, and 3rd party styles
  • Fixes UI issues in Win32 apps
  • Allows recoloring UI in Windows apps
  • Reduces memory usage and processes

How to Install StartAllBack Crack?

  1. Download StartAllBack Crack from the given button below
  2. Extract the file
  3. Must use password that is given
  4. Install the software as normal
  5. Copy the crack file and paste it into the installation box
  6. Done
  7. Enjoy the full version program
  8. Password:

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