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Wondershare MobileTrans 8.4.6 Crack + Registration Code Free Download

MobileTrans Crack

Wondershare MobileTrans Crack is a comprehensive software solution for transferring data between mobile devices. It allows you to easily move your contacts, messages, call logs, calendars, photos, music, videos, apps, and more from one phone to another – regardless of OS or brand. MobileTrans supports over 15000 mobile device models, including iPhone, Android, Nokia (Symbian), BlackBerry OS, Samsung Devices, LG Devices, Sony Devices, Google Nexus One, Google Nexus S, HTC Devices, etc. It works between platforms so you can transfer iPhone data to Android devices or vice versa.

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MobileTrans Crack Download

A key feature of MobileTrans is the ability to transfer WhatsApp messages and media between Android and iPhone devices. This includes all chats, photos, videos, and voice messages. Many users switch between Android and iOS and need a way to move their WhatsApp history. It provides an easy way to do this transfer. This software also makes it simple to backup your mobile device data to a computer and restore it later if needed. So you can free up space on your phone while keeping a safe backup of all your contacts, photos, apps, and other important information. These backups can also be restored to a new phone if you ever switch devices or need to recover lost data.

The software supports thousands of device models so chances are high it will work with whatever Android or iOS device you currently own. And it works on both Windows and Mac computers for maximum compatibility. One other notable feature is the ability to transfer just the apps from one Android phone to another. So you don’t have to manually reinstall everything when you get a new device. It can migrate apps in a couple of clicks. MobileTrans aims to make moving your data between mobile devices or backing it up on your computer, as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Switching phones and platforms does not have to mean losing your valuable messages, photos, videos, and other information.

MobileTrans Crack

Wondershare Whatsapp Transfer Crack Full Version

With MobileTrans Crack you can securely and quickly move this content between different devices. The software provides an easy-to-use interface that allows seamless phone-to-phone content shifting. You don’t need to manually rebuild everything from scratch on your new device. Just connect both phones via USB or WiFi to your computer, scan device info, select content to transfer over, and hit Start.

MobileTrans uses advanced data transfer technology to ensure all data like contacts, messages, call logs, and media items remain intact while moving. This prevents any data loss or corruption issues. Transfers are secured using encryption protocols as well. The convenience of wireless transfer is a standout feature. You can send data from one phone to another wirelessly without the need for a middleman computer. Direct phone-to-phone transfers are handled locally over your WiFi network.

MobileTrans Crack

How Can You Run After Installation?

  1. Open MobileTrans on your computer. It will be available from the Start Menu on Windows or Applications folder on a Mac.
  2. Connect the source and destination mobile devices to the computer using USB cables.
  3. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled on Android devices.
  4. The program will automatically detect connected phones.
  5. On MobileTrans’s main screen, click the “Phone to Phone Transfer” option.
  6. Select your source phone model/OS and destination phone model/OS from dropdowns.
  7. The content types like Contacts, Messages, Call logs, Calendar, Photos, Videos, Music and Apps will appear.
  8. Tick the data types you wish to transfer from one phone to the other.
  9. Verify both phones are properly connected.
  10. Click the “Start” button to scan devices and initialize the transfer.
  11. Wait for the process to finish.
  12. Once complete, you will get a message that the transfer succeeded.
  13. Safely eject both phones and disconnect the USB cables.
  14. The selected content will now be available on your destination device.

Features of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • MobileTrans compatibility spans thousands of device makes and models across major platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian, etc
  • Chances are high that any phones you wish to transfer data between will be fully supported
  • The software does not have a complex UI with tons of menus or settings
  • Core features can be easily accessed from a straightforward main dashboard
  • Even non-tech-savvy users will find it easy to operate
  • You don’t have to migrate everything from old phone to new phone in one go
  • It allows selectively transferring of contacts, messages, media, apps, etc.
  • Move only the data you need
  • Throughout the transfer process, integrity checks on moved data are run
  • All data transfers are secured by encryption protocols
  • This protects sensitive personal data like messages, contacts, logs, etc.
  • You can preview and confirm the data like contacts, messages, and videos you have selected to transfer before starting the migration process
  • Direct phone-to-phone data transfers can be done wirelessly over a local WiFi network without the need for an intermediary cloud storage service
  • For bulk transfers, you can choose the automated transfer option
  • Once initiated, the process will complete automatically without needing continuous monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Does MobileTrans transfer everything from one phone to another?**

Ans: No. The software has a Selective Transfer option that allows choosing specific data types (contacts, messages, photos etc.) to move.

Q: Will my data be safe when transferred between phones?

Ans: Yes. MobileTrans uses encryption protocols to secure your data like messages, contacts etc. during transfers.

Q: Can I transfer from iPhone to Android?

Ans: Absolutely. MobileTrans seamlessly transfers data between devices with different operating systems and platforms.

What’s New

  • The latest updated release of MobileTrans comes with a host of new tools, updated compatibility, and some performance boosts for faster transfers.
  • Latest flagship phones like iPhone 15/15 Plus/15 Pro/Pro Max now supported
  • Newly added compatibility for 100+ Android device models from Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc.
  • Older device support also expanded including various Android 4.2+ phones
  • Now easier to preview data before transferring
  • Added capability to restore iTunes backup files from computer to iPhone without erasing device data
  • Selective Transfer tool further refined for more precision transfers
  • UI graphics updated for cleaner smoother performance
  • Enhanced mobile platform compatibility
  • The main dashboard screen simplified for better ease of use
  • Faster transferring of 4K videos and high-resolution photos between devices
  • Added support for more image and video file formats
  • Maintains original quality of media files during migration
  • Significantly faster app migration between iPhone and Android devices
  • Greater compatibility for preserving app data during transfers

How to Download and Install?

  1. First of all, click the Download button
  2. This will download the MobileTrans_Win.exe setup file
  3. Once downloaded, double-click the .exe file and click Yes on the User Account Control prompt. This will launch the software’s install wizard
  4. By default, MobileTrans Crack will be installed in the Program Files folder on your main C: drive.
  5. You can change this if needed
  6. Click Next after confirming the install path
  7. The wizard will now automatically install all program files and components needed to run. This may take several minutes depending on the PC hardware
  8. Once complete, you can launch this software right away to initialize phone data transfer operations as needed
  9. The software also creates a Desktop shortcut for easy access
  10. The whole process of getting MobileTrans operational takes just a few minutes
  11. You can now start transferring your vital data between iPhone, Android, Nokia, etc.


In closing, MobileTrans Crack provides you with an efficient smartphone utility to swiftly migrate all your data when upgrading or switching mobile devices. No longer will you lose precious memories and information when changing phones. With its widespread compatibility, encryption protocols, speedy transfers, and intuitive interface – seamlessly moving contacts, messages, photos, music, etc. between iPhone, Android, and thousands more phones is made truly effortless.

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